The History of the Korat

The Korat is an ancient cat from Siam (now Thailand) and the earliest picture of a Korat-sometimes known as the Si-Sawat cat-is in the ancient book known as The Cat-Book Poems in Bangkok’s National Library, believed to have been written in the Ayudhya Period of Siamese history (1350-1767). King Rama V (1869-1910) commissioned the monk Somdej Phra Buddhacharn Buddhasarmahathera to copy the book onto special Khoi paper. It shows seventeen cats, whose ownership brings good fortune and six that are omens of the very reverse. Among the Good Luck cats is the Korat.

It is believed that Korats were shown in England in the late 1800s but they were probably entered as Siamese because that is where the owner imported them from. They were listed as solid blue and judging descriptions can still be found. In 1959, the first known pair of Korats (Nara and Darra), were imported into the United States by Mrs. Jean Johnson-the pair was gift to the Johnsons when her husband retired from the Foreign Service in Thailand. Many Korats have been imported since then and all Korats can trace their ancestry back to cats from Thailand which has earned them the nickname of the Silver-blue cat with the Thai passport! Image

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