The Korat Personality!

koratbosEnergetic, intelligent, affectionate are all words used to describe the Korat-elitist is another word that could be used since they prefer the company of other Korats. They will accept other cats but expect to be the rulers and will ensure they have pride of place by their owner’s side. They have extraordinary senses of hearing, sight and scent but are gentle cats moving softly and disliking loud or harsh noises. They form strong bonds with their owners and love to cuddle, settling in as close as possible. Korats are active cats that love to play but they are very gentle when they are playing with children. They do, however, know that they have been cherished for centuries in Thailand and expect that tradition to continue wherever they are-and they expect “their” human to understand and cater to their strong likes and dislikes. Korats need your companionship and do not like to be left alone for long periods or ignored when you are home. If they are ignored, they are likely to become withdrawn.


Babyboy is very much like this. He plays fetch, loves to play catch with rolled up paper, stares at me when I’m not paying attention to him and has attitude if I don’t pay attention to him at any time he requires attention! He sleeps on my ankle. My ankle was broken a few years ago and he was just a kitten. He would lay across my cast right where the ankle was broken and it was so nice and warm from him. He still lays in that exact spot keeping it warm so it feels good!

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