The Voice: Michelle Chamuel

michellechamcoverWe’ve been watching The Voice this year. It’s the first year we’ve watched. And what a treat!

They are down to the finals now. Which includes the Swon Brothers, Danielle Bradbery and Michelle Chamuel.  The Semi-finals were rough. All the singers but the Swon Brothers had a rough performance and a good performance.

The Swon Brothers were right on when they sang both their songs. In the beginning I really wasn’t impressed with The Swon Brothers, but if they keep singing songs like they did in the semi-finals they will certainly make it in the music world. The more they have performed they have gotten better. They have actually reeled me in as a fan.

Danielle Bradbery. This girl has a beautiful voice. Personally I just can’t get into her. I don’t see much if any emotion when she sings, this could certainly be because she’s just 16 and hasn’t had much life experience, but if you are going to sing country you certainly have to be able to sing the song with emotion. I honestly believe that a lot of her supporters are supporting her because she is so young. Again I will say she has a beautiful voice, and she will be a star, but she does have some growing to do.

Saved my favorite for last! Michelle Chamuel. When this girl gets up on stage she reels you in. She is the only performer left that can sing any genre. Or that has proven it. She has sung some rock, some r&b, some country, some pop and electronic dance tunes and really done a good job. Always (except for in the semi-finals on one song) on key never flat. She has so much energy when on stage and it projects well to the crowd. She had the longest audience applause in The Voice history after singing in the top 6 to move onto the semi-finals by performing I Knew You Were Trouble. She made the song hers.

As for who do I think will win it. That’s a real toss up after the semi-finals performances. The country votes will be split between The Swon Brothers and Danielle Bradbery in a normal voting system. The issue with that is you can vote for more than one person. Michelle Chamuel will get Sasha’s voters, and probably about half of Ambers (the other two semi-finalists that did not make it through) Michelle is really going to need to ChamWow the country voters in the finals. To predict the winner would be too tough so I’m just going to keep on routing for my favorite Michelle Chamuel!!

Here is one of her originals! Love this girl!

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