The Voice Finale

The opening to tonights The Voice and introduction of the finalists was rather interesting. The cheers were loud for all the finalists but so much louder for Michelle Chamuel! You could hear and feel the electric for her!!

Coach group song: #Usher #Shakira #BlakeShelton #AdamLevine

With a little help from my friends: Good song, I swear the voice doesn’t know how to up the sound on the voices, which is ironic because it’s supposed to be The Voice lol  

#SwonBrothers I can’t Tell You Why:  Swon Brothers. Did good, but the brother at the piano was off at times but his falsetto sounded really good. My fav of the two has always been the blonde anyway. Love his voice. They should feature him more often!

#MichelleChamuel I Knew You Were Trouble: Michelle Chamuel. Not much to say! I loved it when she sang it the first time, and LOVED it when she sang it the second time!
If she doesn’t win this there WILL be a major company that picks this soon to be international star up very very fast, and I can certainly see Usher doing this immediately!! So maybe it might be better she doesn’t win this!

#DanielleBradbery #BlakeShelton Timber I’m falling in love: Danielle and Blake. She just doesn’t seem like she’s having fun singing this song. It’s a fun song, she should be moving around having fun, but she’s just up there singing. And walking. She’s not interacting with the audience. She certainly has a lot of growing to do.

Danny’s Song: Swon Brothers, very easy to listen to. Nice harmonizing. Great job for the Swon Brothers. I wish they had picked a more uptempo song for either of their choices. Would have brought more to the performance because they have so much fun on the stage normally when they perform fun songs.

Why: Michelle Chamuel, WOW the ‘mirror’ was an AWESOME idea! She was hitting the low notes tonight with ease, and always hits the upper notes. Just a phenomenal performance again from Michelle Chamuel! Dang she just pulls you in when she sings/performs. Just awesome! And love that Beautiful smile of hers!

LOL so cool Shakira and glasses during Chamuel’s performance!

Maybe it was Memphis, Good song, but come on, she’s 16 she should be able to really get into it and have fun with it again. Just walking around the stage. She had the perfect time with the band solo to just have fun and she just stood there clapping and smiling at them. And she really doesn’t get the live applause like Chamuel. I think the audience is getting tired of her. I’m over the oh she’s just 16 and she can sing like this. What makes her special. I’m still thinking about that. She’s pretty snobbish with the fans, I watched her as she left off stage and she just puts her hand down and walks on off. Where-as I saw both the Swon Brothers and Michelle bend over and interact with the audience as they left the stage.

I loved the Home performance very epic! Danielle has a rough time with ending the word you. It’s a very hard word to end when singing but I definitely noticed that in this performance. Michelle is always up on stage moving around always can see she is having fun.

One: Duet Chamuel/Usher, Michelle can do it all, harmonize and sing and work with coaching her coach through a few lines there lol They sound great together! Definitely shows a major kind of professionalism on Michelle’s part!!

Danielle: Born To Fly: All I keep hearing is she has a really tough time with the low notes. I’ve said this all season. Great upper notes but the low notes go flat or off pitch. She did try to perform a little here.

In my honest opinion, country is the easiest genre to sing. And yes I know this because I do sing. When I warm up my vocals I use country songs to do so because it doesn’t strain my vocals but gets the chords warmed up. This is not saying that some of the country artists out there don’t sing complicated and hard songs, Shania Twain, Martina McBride and a few others but overall very simple to sing. Just wish they would have branched Danielle out into pop even top 40 so we could see what she could do elsewhere.

This all being said it was a good night for all artists. I really believe that Chamuel just stood out from the crowd. Do I think she’ll win, I think it will be VERY close.  I’m hoping that she does.
Who do I think will win, probably Danielle.
Which in a way could be good fortune for Michelle since I really don’t like any of the other The Voice winners lol Never even heard of them till watching this season.
That’s my take on it, like it or not.

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