Special Featured Guest: Maximus The Bengal Cat!


So our special guest this week is Maximus The Bengal Cat!!
He’s such a beautiful little boy and took some time out to give us a little write up and answer some questions we had!!!

Hi Babyboy & Ms Kitty,

I have not gone to my furever home yet… 2 more weeks…
My new owner has not had a Bengal before, I’m her first 😀
She has read a LOT about Bengals and has done lots of research.

In terms of my own personality, she has been informed by the lovely breeder lady who is currently raising me that I am quite mischievous, more so than my brother and sister who are sometimes a little bit more reserved. 🙂
When my new human slave has been able to visit I always show off by jumping on my brother and sister to wrestle and show her that I am big and strong 😀

Currently my favourite toys are Catit senses roller circuit and a feather toy that is like catching a bird. I also enjoy playing in my drinking fountain. I just love splashing the water everwhere!

I am yet to see all the awesome toys my new human has got for me but I have heard tails of a cat tree, outdoor enclosure and that there is a games room with a table tennis table so there must be some ping pong balls I can get my furry paws on!!!

I have heard the new slave is also going to clicker train me to do tricks and agility courses as Bengals have LOTS of energy and are rather intelligent (well, all cats are!). She believes it will be very fun and stimulating for me as I am going to be an indoor only cat, with the exception of going out for walks in a nearby forest on my cat harness and using the new cat enclosure she is building in the garden.

Babyboy and Ms Kitty says: Oh wow Maximus! It sounds like you will be having a WONDERFUL forever home! It looks like you have covered quite a bit and we really appreciate it!! We do have a quick question.
What kind of grooming do you need? It seems with the short hair you wouldn’t need a lot?

Maximus: Not a lot of grooming is required so a brush down once a week should be good for Bengals. I enjoy it though and it’s a good way to bond with the human slaves. Also, because Bengals tend to like water it’s easy to get some of us in the bath/shower too! … Gotta look good for the ladies… I’m no stud (*COUGH*neutered*COUGH*) but they can still enjoy the view ;D

Babyboy and Ms Kitty: Thank you so much for taking the time out to write this up!!!
Please everyone pass this cute little guy on to your friends and go like this adorable Bengal Kitty!!! He has a youtube page and a blog and a Facebook Page!

YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/MaximusKittyCatus

Blog: http://maximusthebengalcat.blogspot.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Max.Bengal.Cat


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