Size Difference in Babyboy and MsKitty!

Here is a great shot I got today of Babyboy and MsKitty laying side by side. You can really tell the difference in size. He’s around 10.5lbs and she’s just around 5lbs lol Related articles Babyboy Day!! ( Babyboy The Scaredy Cat ( Ms Kitty Day Today ( Special Featured Guest: Maximus The Bengal Cat! […]

WOW, Michelle Chamuel composition for Dance Recital

This is SERIOUSLY beautiful. Done back in 2007! Love the song and her voice! Related articles The Voice: Michelle Chamuel ( The Voice Finale ( Friend’s cheer for Michelle Chamuel ( The Elusive Michelle Chamuel ( Michelle Chamuel makes it to the finals ( Michelle Chamuel Declared The Voice Winner By Usher; Will America Agree? […]

Excited! Michelle Chamuel / TheReverbJunkie

As most know our Mommy is a fan of #MichelleChamuel  Word is she’s going to be releasing an album soon!!! She’s been releasing snippets of one of the songs that she’s been working on and this last snippet is just great!!!   The Reverb Junkie/Michelle Chamuel Snippets Related articles The Voice: Michelle Chamuel ( Friend’s cheer […]

The Looney Fosters on Livestream

There is a new kick going on around the internet. Livestream cams of Mamma cats and their kittens as they grow! From what I’ve seen it’s always a 100% adoption rate for these lucky kittens and mamma’s. The last batched I had watched was adorable. They were the Mythbusters Kittens. Their mamma was a beautiful […]