The Looney Fosters on Livestream

There is a new kick going on around the internet. Livestream cams of Mamma cats and their kittens as they grow! From what I’ve seen it’s always a 100% adoption rate for these lucky kittens and mamma’s. The last batched I had watched was adorable. They were the Mythbusters Kittens. Their mamma was a beautiful snow white furr and was so funny watching her because you could tell she was new and would sit on her babies some, well, a lot lol. All were adopted and the mamma went FIRST!! Anyway now there is a new one in their place called The Looney Fosters. The mamma ‘Hazel’ is gorgeous. She has multi-patches, stripes just wacky coloring. The babies (4 of them) are beautiful and just a few days old now. This is sponsored by Purfect Pals. So come check them out. This group is located in the west coast of USA. And they usually have at least over 1000 viewers all the time!

Looney Fosters

Mamma and Babies

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