Cats/Kitties Showing Their Love?

Many a time I’ll be sitting at my desk trying to work and I’ll have two cats fighting over my lap. Or I’ll be laying down and they come rushing up and start kneading on my leg. Or all the sudden out of nowhere Ms Kitty will nibble on my finger, and start head bumping me. And lots of times I’ll be looking at one and their eyes slowly close then open. So are these signs of love? Read this interesting article on how a cat shows signs of love!

10 Signs Your Kitty Actually Loves You!


Babyboy Chillaxing

4 thoughts on “Cats/Kitties Showing Their Love?

  1. Oh my gosh I loved your link! It got me a giggly since my kitties share such special moments with us!

    I was only familiar with ‘How to tell your cat is plotting to kill you’ funny but not heartwarming.

    Fabulous blog!

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