Hide And Seek: The Cats Version

Cat Hide and Seek

Playing Hide and Seek

I think everyone that has had a cat has been recruited at some point to play hide and seek the cat way!  At some point I may be laying down on the couch watching TV and I see these ears and eyes peek around the end of the sofa and then dart away. This is certainly a sign of come play. So I’ll get up, missing my show of course!, and follow where (usually Babyboy does this with me, in the picture) my cat leads me. I’ll then hide behind a wall or doorway and wait. And wait. And then peek around and see him with his eyes WIDE open and ears PERKED up and then he runs by me into the living room and waits there. It’s certainly an entertaining game. And definitely a very bonding moment. Unlike a lot of people believe cats NEED attention. You can’t just get one and sit around on a lazy bum and do nothing with them. They need some form of interaction. Even if it’s just something like this for a few minutes. I know there are times I feel I’ve been neglecting my cats. And they certainly let me know either with a loud meow or constantly climbing into my lap while I’m trying to do something on the computer!  So please don’t get a cat and think you can just leave them and they will be fine.  More than likely they will go into some form of depression ie. weight gain. Which is a MAJOR problem for cats that are ‘pets’ in the USA. We’ll touch a little on that on a later date!


One thought on “Hide And Seek: The Cats Version

  1. I can relate to this, my cat Mr. Nice Guy does this with me… its actually a little scary seeing their eyes get so big and intense before they charge!

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