Cats: The Indoor/Outdoor Debate

Ms Kitty at her favorite perch spot to watch outside.

Ms Kitty at her favorite perch spot to watch outside.

I’m in the United States. I live in a fairly populated suburb outside of Cincinnati. There aren’t very many outdoor cats in the area. Personally, I would never let one of my cats outdoors. More out of fear that another human would do harm to them. With the horrible stories here lately it’s certainly scarey. In just the past couple of months there has been national news about two cats. Actually I believe they have received international attention. One in Philadelphia was doused in gasoline and set on fire 😦 Justin.  Justin is an adorable kitten. I’m sure many have heard about.  Justin (there are some graphic pictures at this article so if you have a bad stomach you may not want to go here)

I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am that a passerby took the time to help this poor kitty.

Now Justin is doing GREAT. He is in his new forever home, healing and just adorable!  Justin Now 🙂

(added after article was published) We found Justin’s Facebook page! Great updates!!

And then we have Lucky. He was a kitten that was rescued from someone that poured acid all over his little body. Lucky has his own facebook page so updates are posted frequently by his new owners, and ‘luckily’ he’s healing pretty good for the most part 🙂 Lucky’s Facebook

We really don’t like to talk much about the negative stuff. But when talking about letting a cat roam outdoors here in the USA, well, it almost certainly leads to a much shorter lifespan for your furbaby and if you are like me your own nerves would be shot wondering if they were ok the whole time. This is not to say that all humans are bad and that humans are the ‘only’ reason I don’t let my cats outside. Because they certainly aren’t. But the way I live is better to be careful than sorry in the end.

My babies have plenty of windows and doors to look outside. I even leave one of the windows open as much as possible for them to sit on to be able to look out at the massive trees that are right outside my apartment! They sit there for hours and watch the birds and squirrels and the bees and flies flying around. Would I ever be interested in an outdoor enclosure? I guess if I owned the house and could have the lawn flee sprayed and tick sprayed then I would do something like that.  Till then, they stay indoors where it’s safe, and they can be entertained at the windows 🙂


Babyboy sitting on the window where he likes to lay and watch the birds and whatever else is out there.

6 thoughts on “Cats: The Indoor/Outdoor Debate

  1. All three of mine are indoor cats for exactly the same reasons. They’re happy, healthy, loved, have lots of toys and even when I open the door they don’t want to go out. I’ve had a few comments from friends but they’re in excellent condition and I wouldn’t have it any other way…

    • Are cats fairly ‘safe’ in England from people harming them if they are outdoor cats? I watched a film that was done in one of the cities in England where they followed 50 cats around using cams on the kitties collars. It was quite interesting 🙂

      • We’re very much a pet loving population but there are MANY examples if animal cruelty unfortunately… It’s something that I’ll never understand.

  2. It’s too bad that on top of all the other worries for outdoor cat owners, you also have to worry about cold blooded humans. I occasionally let my cat out for five minutes or so while I am out there watching him. That is it, even though he would love to go out all the time.

  3. I would never let my cats outside as they are then prey to bad people, predators, or getting hit by a car. All of my five cats were rescued and I’m sure use to being outside but adapted well to being kept inside. We had one feral cat years ago that we finally trapped and brought in the house as people were threatening to shoot him. His name was Baby and he was a very nice cat. I couldn’t hold him and you couldn’t pick him up but he would allow you to pet him.

  4. It is good to keep cats indoors if you cant be around to make sure they are safe.
    I let 2 of my cats outdoors, they stay together for the most part.
    I go out with them and we have met most of the neighborhood cats together. Now that we have lived in this area for about a year they are comfortable meeting up with each other with very rarely a conflict. There is only one cat who causes fights with every cat he meets. I break up those fights and scold him until he turns tail and hits the road.
    And today for the first time I had to rush to stop some teens from chasing and screaming vulgar things at all the cats : (
    Its worth it for me to make the extra effort to keep an eye out for my sweetie kitties to enable them to have cat friends and an outside life.
    If I couldn’t be there to protect them they would be indoors 24 hours.
    Much respect to cat owners of all types, indoors or outdoors.
    Wonderful blog ♥

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