The Cat Photographers Blues

I have a great appreciation for the photographers that photographed animals back in the days of the old Brownie camera’s and 35 mm cameras that took rolls of film or were processed onto the metal plates. I can’t imagine how much wasted film and time it took to get just the right shot! I must delete about 95% of the photos I take on my digital cameras!

Yes the famous oh it’s a good shot it’s a good shot omg you turned your HEAD!!!  blurrrrr LOL

The famous BLURRR

The famous BLURRR

8 thoughts on “The Cat Photographers Blues

  1. My SLR will take a photo instantly when I press the shutter button. My phone and my point and shoot camera, however, take a few seconds to think before the shutter is released. By then my cat is already off doing something else.

    • I’m still getting used to my camera and have been playing around with it. Seems sometimes I don’t hit the snap button hard enough and it does an auto focus lol and then I have to click it again real fast to take the pic and hope I got it!

  2. Oh, I have many a blurry cat photo! Between the blurry ones and the laser-eye ones, getting a good cat photo is a lot harder than people who haven’t tried it for themselves think!

    • To help avoid the laser eye, I try and be a little off center so the flash bounce doesn’t come straight in. Be a little above, or to one sided aiming at the cat.

      Some times it works really well. You have to be close up, though.

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