Our downstairs neighbor got an airave a few days ago. Since then my phone hasn’t worked (keeping getting 3 beeps) and the internet has been horrible (CLEAR internet) anyone else know anything about airave or have issues with neighbors. From what I’ve read it acts like a sprint tower to boost signal. Called sprint and they said they will put a block so my phone doesn’t keep connecting into them but it hasn’t worked yet. And since they have CLEAR also CLEAR will be speaking with them about changing the frequency so it doesn’t interfere with MY internet. This is some BS!!!!

2 thoughts on “Airave!!@!#)(*&)$(&#)

    • It’s just very frustrating. Our Sprint service is fine here. Now they go and get this ‘mini’ phone tower that is interfering with everything wireless in my apartment. They need to change the frequency it is emitting on.

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