Labor Day and Mommy Must Work :(

HAPPY LABOR DAY EVERYONE!!! While mommy is laboring (mol) we are chasing one another around the apartment and causing havoc!! Wood floors, sliding around the corners running into the bedroom then back into the living room then back to hallway, down the steps, up the steps, yes we are getting around!! (it’s funny I see them run by one minute and Babyboy is chasing Ms Kitty, then the next it’s Ms Kitty chasing Babyboy!) I hope everyone was able to enjoy the fireworks at the link we provided. If you haven’t seen them yet the post is

They were GREAT!!! 32 minutes of phenomenal fireworks!!! Imagine them coming off two bridges that are about 2 barges away from each other and one barge in the middle? My favorite parts were when the fireworks sync’d and they went from bridge to middle to bridge in sync OMG that was just awesome. And of course the Waterfall!! So make sure you check them out!!! Some may not like the music so much, the them was Zombies but really, just turn the music down just enough to be able to hear it so you can see how great the fireworks sync’d to the music!!!

What a day so far. We had a little rain shower, and guess where we ran to? You got it, under the big green chair!!! We hid out till mommy coaxed us out with some awesome treats!!! Well now mommy is on her lunch and I decided (Ms Kitty) it was time for loving. Hopped in her lap turned around about 6 times (no I’m NOT a dog) plopped down and started cleaning my long tail. That just exhausted me, since you all know I have a tremendously long tail, so now I’m pooped out on mommies lap so she can’t move!! Ha Ha Ha. (I think Babyboy went back under the chair. Maybe he doesn’t realize the sun is back out!)

Yes, I'm a Lap KITTY not dog!!

Yes, I’m a Lap KITTY not dog!!


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