All I Want (are some FAQs)

Be sure to check this for some information from The Reverb Junkie on the new album she just released!

The Reverb Junkie

Time to get some questions answered!

Q: Where can I get the album? 
A: Yes -the album is available on…
Bandcamp << click
iTunes << click

Q: Can I buy the album in a store?
A: If you can get your buns to western Massachusetts, then yes.  Right now, the only two stores that have the physical album are Turn It Up in Northampton, MA and Art Alive in Amherst, MA.

Q: What are these “studio demo” bonus tracks and who gets them?
A:  These are unmastered, uncut demos of 3 tracks – “Hangin On,” “Selfish,” and “Eyoh” – that you can hear before I got my computer chop chop on them and did musical arrangement reconstruction (note: these are not official music terms). The tracks are only available on Bandcamp and came with the Pre-Order edition of the album (to be true bonus tracks, they were super…

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