Pre-order ‘All I Want’

I LOVE Michelle Chamuel and this is her first album release. I pre-ordered it a couple weeks ago and am sitting up waiting for my email to tell me I can go download lol Got the hard copy also! Can’t wait to receive that in the mail. Michelle is sending them all herself. I’m sure she’s been busy the last week LOL

The Reverb Junkie


Hello ladies, gents, and everyone in between,
The time has come for the All I Want pre-order info to make its way from the confines of my studio to your computer screens!  It feel somewhat like I’m expecting a baby and this the shower invite or something?!  Before I go too far with that analogy – I’m going to tell you to click the photo above for transportation to Bandcamp.

Pre-orders of All I Want available as:
digital download
physical CD (comes with digital DL)

You are invited to check it out : ),

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