The Reverb Junkie: All I Want (AKA Michelle Chamuel)

I said I’d do a full out review on The Reverb Junkie’s Premier Solo Album and here it is!

Everyone is saying she is electronic pop/dance. But I hear more New Age in this album with a mix of the electronic pop/R&B beats. I hear such a mix in her work.

If you purchased this because you wanted to hear ‘Michelle Chamuel’ There are a few songs that you will definitely enjoy but it’s not the same Michelle Chamuel. This is The Reverb Junkie.

For those of you expecting that Michelle Chamuel you are getting MUCH more! As I replied to someone on her Michelle Chamuel page:

For the person that was upset because it wasn’t like her The Voice singing, all the voices (even that mans voice as you stated) are her voices. All of that music was created by her. All of this was written by her. It’s a truly solo compilation. It’s not ‘Michelle Chamuel’ It’s The Reverb Junkie. It’s like another side of her and her music. I say sit back, in a dark room, put on some good headphones and just listen. Listen to the whole thing. It’s beautiful!

And I say to you all! Lay back, lay down, lean back, put on your headphones and let her music and voice take you into her world for about 40 minutes! So very refreshing!!

Congrats The Reverb Junkie (aka Michelle Chamuel) and looking forward to your next compilation!

Reverb Junkie: All I Want Cover

Reverb Junkie: All I Want Cover

Love the artwork, done by The Reverb Junkie!

Her pre-release album includes a total of 14 tracks, which includes the Bonus track Xwarmm and 3 uncut studio edits of song on the album.

1. All I Want: Excellent steady beat. Very relaxing. Love the vocal instrumentation. All voices on this album are hers and you’d be surprised at what she’s come up with with her voice!

2. Everything: Starts out with a funky slow beat and branches into a smooth dance beat and back to the funky slow beat.  Certainly something I will expect to hear on the radio waves! As well as in the dance clubs!

3. Hangin On:  This is a very funky tune. Almost sounds like it’s skipping in some areas which is I believe what she is wanting. Almost like someone hanging on and slipping and grabbing again to hold on.  Love it!

4. Selfish: Love this song.  Love the intro! This is another song I expect to hear on the radio waves soon! A Gritty Funky groove and great lyrics.

5. Eyoh: This has been a highly commented about song. It’s certainly ‘different’. She uses her voice a lot in this and plays around with the sound.

6. Worth: What is my worth based on. Very deep. The song is a very deep song. Slow, very relaxed song. Michelle Chamuel fans will probably love this song more than the others because the song certainly is clear on vocals and not a lot was done to change the sound of her voice.

7. More Than Enough:  This has a beat that immersed me into another world it seemed. Loved the whole of this song.

8. Bit By Bit:  I’ve already seen a lot of people comment this was one of their favorites on the album.  I love her orchestration! She is truly a musical genious.

9. Tear Down Walls: This song shows off The Reverb Junkies (aka Michelle Chamuel) voice and her ability to hit all the notes that all the Michelle Chamuel followers from the voice are used to hearing!  Another great song and lyrics are great on this one.

10. Want Me Now: I love the chorus on this and how she put it together. Flawless.

11. XWarmm Bonus Track:  Nothing like The Reverb Junkie humming!  Totally New Age I think!

12. Hangin On (uncut studio demo)  I think this is for all her fans as Michelle Chamuel! Clear voice not much else going on but the music and her voice. Sensational!

13. Selfish (uncut studio demo) Same as Hangin On. Clear voice again. Love this voice, can’t get enough of it!

14. Eyoh (uncut Studio demo) again version with clear voice not as busy as the main track. Showing off her vocals!! Awesome.

Her WordPress Blog:

The Album:


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