OLR Fairgrounds/Greenhills, Ohio 8/11/13

Went up to the OLR festival this evening and met up with an old friend! Was a nice visit. I also got some really nice photographs while up there today.  Got some really nice photos and I just picked some of the best to post. The planet in the last picture is Venus! Related articles […]

The Cat Photographers Blues

I have a great appreciation for the photographers that photographed animals back in the days of the old Brownie camera’s and 35 mm cameras that took rolls of film or were processed onto the metal plates. I can’t imagine how much wasted film and time it took to get just the right shot! I must […]

Nocturnal Cats

As everyone knows, cats are nocturnal.     Wait a minute! Cats are NOT nocturnal animals. Cats are crepuscular. HUH? They are most active at dawn and dusk. This includes wild cats and domestic cats. These are the times that they do most hunting, when their prey is most vulnerable. Cats will sleep anywhere from […]