Labor Day and Mommy Must Work :(

HAPPY LABOR DAY EVERYONE!!! While mommy is laboring (mol) we are chasing one another around the apartment and causing havoc!! Wood floors, sliding around the corners running into the bedroom then back into the living room then back to hallway, down the steps, up the steps, yes we are getting around!! (it’s funny I see […]

We have been so busy :(

We have been so busy but we have a TON of great photos to share!!!! And a few videos!! Above we Photoshopped a picture of Babyboy. We think it looks pretty cool. He has such beautiful eyes! He’s so regal! He was crying ALL day!! it was one of those days! Both cats were getting […]

Size Difference in Babyboy and MsKitty!

Here is a great shot I got today of Babyboy and MsKitty laying side by side. You can really tell the difference in size. He’s around 10.5lbs and she’s just around 5lbs lol Related articles Babyboy Day!! ( Babyboy The Scaredy Cat ( Ms Kitty Day Today ( Special Featured Guest: Maximus The Bengal Cat! […]