Labor Day and Mommy Must Work :(

HAPPY LABOR DAY EVERYONE!!! While mommy is laboring (mol) we are chasing one another around the apartment and causing havoc!! Wood floors, sliding around the corners running into the bedroom then back into the living room then back to hallway, down the steps, up the steps, yes we are getting around!! (it’s funny I see […]


We wouldn’t like ANYONE to miss out on this~~ DRUMROLL!!! Here it is. The recording of probably one of the BEST WEBN Fireworks and probably one of the best presentations worldwide!!! SO Awesome. So that people understand, this years theme was Zombies, so the music fits the theme!! But seriously it was freaking AMAZING!! This […]

Cats: The Indoor/Outdoor Debate

I’m in the United States. I live in a fairly populated suburb outside of Cincinnati. There aren’t very many outdoor cats in the area. Personally, I would never let one of my cats outdoors. More out of fear that another human would do harm to them. With the horrible stories here lately it’s certainly scarey. […]